Peel Away 7 – Strips paint off cast iron fireplace

Peel Away 7 Paint Remover is designed for the complete removal of many years of accumulated layers of paint, lacquers and varnish in one application.

Why use PEEL AWAY 7 Paint Remover?
The system will remove paint from many exterior and interior architectural surfaces, including stone, cement, brickwork, plaster walls and ceilings, plain and ornate fibrous plaster cornices, plain and carved or turned woodwork, plain and cast metal work. Automobile, aircraft and marine coatings are also efficiently stripped with the Peel Away 7 paint remover. Because the Peel Away 7 chemicals are doing the stripping work minimal sanding and scraping is required compared to other methods. The Peel Away 7 paint remover can be very cost effective – substantially reducing the overall amount of labour required for the paint removal project and the need for hours of scraping and debris collection that is often very labour and equipment intensive.

Peel Away 7 comprises a ready mixed paste which is spread over the painted, lacquered or varnished surface. A unique Peel Away 7 Blanket is then laid over the paste; the specially designed blanket delays the drying process, subsequently extends the active time and allows Peel Away 7 to reach into the most intricate corners. Once Peel Away 7 has successfully permeated all of the required layers, the cover can then be removed with the help of a spatula and the surface washed down with water.

Up to 20 coats of paint have been stripped in one application. The Peel Away 7 system is particularly suitable where there are multiple layers of modern oil, water-based household paints or marine paints. Perfect for use on surfaces involving detailed carvings or mouldings, such as ornate plasterwork, carved woodwork, hardwood paint removal and intricate metal or iron work. Peel Away 7 is an excellent stone paint remover, working very well on flat and carved surface, as well as on all brickwork, marble, aluminium and marine glass fibre.

The Peel Away 7 paint remover is the only reliable method of removing multi-layers of paint from such surfaces, ideal for door stripping without damaging the surface detail or profile.

Non toxic paint remover, pH neutral, environmentally friendly formulation, low odour and safe to use.
Water-Based Bio-Degradable – Will not burn your skin.

Post time: Aug-19-2019